"What did you say, grunt? You sassin' me, you good for nothin' sack ah crap?! I'll toss your ass outta' this V-32 Osprey right now you keep that up, ya' stupid son of a bitch!!"


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 232 lbs

Nationality: International Citizen under Asgaurd jurisdiction

Age: 34


Affiliation: Asgaurd Hunter Corps

Occupation: Asgaurd Hunter, Asgaurd Personnel Training Instructor

Known Family: None (All Files Striken from records as of induction into Asgaurd Hunter Corps)

Around Asgaurd International HQ, there are many famous persons in residence; others are infamous, and amoung the E-Ranked Hunters fresh out of boot camp, few hold a reputation like the Hunter "Standoff". At first glance of his file, one could conclude Standoff is just a regular a C-rank pilot whose team has a solid mission success rate and a competent Arena Career. However, ask any new recruit about him, and they'll tell you of the horrors he put them through. Standoff is training instructor for Asgaurd, and his job is to put would-be-hunters through their paces, seperating the wheat from the chaff, and he takes his job very seriously. Most aspiring Hunters remember the long, painful marches Standoff would lead, the brutal sparring matches where he would beat his trainees to a pulp while teaching them basic hand-to-hand techniques, the frustrating hardsuit maintainence drills he'd time his rookies on, and the near constant stream of profanity he would direct in their way. While not the only instructor Asgaurd employs, he makes a point of observing every Final Test within his jurisdiction. Some say it's just a matter of ego, but most say it's so he can keep an eye on any particularly promising teams. If there was ever a battleaxe of a drill sergeant in Asgaurd, Standoff qualifies.


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