Big Daddy

"As you all know, Asgaurd assigns each new Hunter Team a laison; that would be me. You all can call me Big Daddy, and I think we're gonna get along just fine..."


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195 lbs

Nationality: American (defected)

Age: 49


Affiliation: Asgaurd International HQ

Occupation: Asgaurd Appointed Liason

Known Family: Daughter is a Hunter, calltag "Songbird", in hunter team "Windriders"

The man who goes by the callsign "Big Daddy" is a large, African American man who stands straight, and talks smooth. His suits are immaculately pressed and his attitude is all business. He is one of the most well known Asgaurd Liasons in the business, and the teams he has served have distinguished themselves with impressive mission success ratios, the most notable of which being Hunter Team "Stormsurge" and their leader, calltag "Thunderhouse", who are currently sitting at the top ranks of the Asgaurd Arena, contesting Hunter Team "Cardshark" and their leader, calltag "Wildcard" for the coveted title of "Second To None". His considerable reputation and penchant for negotiation should serve his newest charges, Hunter Team "Corona Flare", very well.


Current Location:

International Asgaurd HQ, New York. Central Tower, The Beanbag Cafe.

Big Daddy

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