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In The Year of Our Lord 2208...


...the world burns. Two decades ago, the once mighty dominion of the Corporate Empire was shattered by a massive civil war, a war created from blind greed and unchecked ambition. A war that will be forever remembered in history as The Sundering. While the torch of that war has cooled, a new threat rises from the depths. It is awake.
The major powers of this world are currently as follows:

  • The Commonwealth of Human Nations
  • The Corporations
  • The Guilds
  • The Underground
  • Asgaurd Mercenary Company

The Commonwealth is an extremely tense allaince of most of the Earth's nations. Racism and hatred still abide but they realize that only by standing together can the Nations of the world exert any control over the now extremely powerful Corporations and Guilds. For all intents and purposes, any nation you can think of (except a small few Third World Nations) is represented in the COHN. They will do nearly anything to dismantle the iron grip the corporations and guilds have on the planet, and some might think they go a tad too far. Asgaurd is frequently employed to engage in military action for the Commonwealth, as both gaurds and as assailants.

The Corporations are effectively monopolies now. Most of the biggest ones are actually offshoots of what was once the biggest corporation of all time, The Corporate Empire. The Empire lasted for 112 years until it's Board of Directors voted to divide the Empire behind it's Founder's back. By the time the Founder had discovered their treachery, The Corporate Empire was no more. It was divided into 7 Corporations, the biggest of which being The Corporate Allaince (The remnants of the original Corporate Empire still under control of it's legendary Founder. They are once more expanding at a great rate. Specialize in Magnetics and Robotics, particularly advanced AVATAR technology), Mirage Electronics (Run by Shinjo Karasawa. Specializes in advanced computing hardware and programming, and more covert military equipment), Chrome Heavy Industries (Run by Anthony Speck. Specializes in heavy industry equipment and high impact military hardware. Also a parts competitor of Alliance), Resonance Research (Run by Jarvis Sallee. Mostly deals with Bionics, but rumours abound they had been working on genetic engineering for military purposes), and others (whom are not as big a deal as some would have you beleive. Will introduce them as the story goes along). Their rivalry is legendary, and sabotauge, attacks and corporate skirmishes are common. Asgaurd enjoys a steady stream of bussiness from the Corporations.

The Guilds are, just as one might think, the massive unions that represent the workers of the big corporations. Though they require the corporations for their existence, they are not above reminding the Corporations from time to time that they are as important to the massive indusitries as money and materials. This has led to many different confrontations as of late between bitter workers and their corporate taskmasters. The guilds are certainly not above using illegal methods to get their way, from hiring Hunters from Asgaurd to carry out raids or sabaotauge to staging massive strikes that shut down entire factory complexes at once. Their actions as of late have become much more aggressive.

The Underground is a vague term used to describe the numerous, large-scale but poorly coordinated groups that wish to instigate change in how the world works. They range from simple commonfolk opposing corporate or National rule, to apocalyptic cults bent on anhillating all of mankind, to international aid groups who simply can't operate effectively within the red tape of the law (The Red Crystal, the decendant of the Red Cross, is considered an underground resistance group). They employ Hunters frequently, seeing as they usually lack any real military presence, and most of the greater political and military powers on the planet refuse to acknowledge their existence, let alone lend them aid (The Red Crystal and similar agencies being one of the few exceptions, with the Red Crystal receiving a substancial amount of unofficial funding from Mirage, Chrome, and Allaince, as well as nearly every guild).

Asgaurd, a mercenary contracting firm consisting of the planet's most elite mercenary personel. They specialize in AVATAR combat, and their experience puts them in extremely high demand. Asgaurd itself is recognized by all governments and is techinally not affiliated with any particular nation, corporation, or guild. For a price, this mercenary organization will take on any mission, be it legal or otherwise. Asgaurd has no discretion with regard to the content of missions or their requesters of the missions they assign their Hunter Teams (Teams of Mercenaries employed by Asgaurd), and no substantial details are known about how this legendary organization came to be. A Hunter's affiliation with Asgard places no restrictions on the Hunters personal activities (many famous Hunters are, in fact, famous criminals or support well known terrorist resistance movements), and as long as they are members of Asgaurd and within Asgaurd territory lines or military bases, they are considered to be diplomatically immune to punishment for any crimes they committed outside or on Asgaurd territory.

Whoever is playing in this campaign, their characters are, for whatever reason, applying to Asgaurd for membership. Their past is theirs to devise, but their present is the same. The characters will serve as members of an Asgaurd Hunter Team, and their team is being deployed on their final test: succeed, and the opportunity to earn unmeasurable wealth and fame is theirs. Fail, and they will die a lonely death on the field of war. Theirs is iron and grit, shell and sword. They pilot customizable, nearly twenty foot tall, robotic war engines known as an AVATAR (AdVanced ATtack ARmor), with which they can overturn tanks, leap over buildings and smash aside infantry, but even armed with such awesome power, they cannot take on the missions they will face alone. They must work together with their team, or they will die alone.

Get ready, Hunters. Things are about to heat up.

Main Page

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