High Calibur

Updates, Updates, Updates!
The Endless March of Progress

Hello, future players and spectators! The name's Silent Adjutant, and the game's High Calibur. Here, I'll be posting all things revolving around time, announcements and campaign progress here, so feel free to check up on the campaign's progress at any time.

Thus far, things have been slow but steady. In all fairness, I've got a lot left to do before the campaign is ready to run, however, I've already run a few primer sessions with two of the players for the purpose of setting up the story, so I am happy to say that High Calibur is up and running!

High Calibur is a team based, mech piloting RPG, which utilizes the Savage Worlds System at it's core. In order to make AVATARs and RAVs on par with tanks and vehicles, I created an addendum to the conventional Savage Worlds system, which is super-imposed over the conventional system when a pilot jumps in his AVATAR. While on foot, the game functions almost exactly like normal, hardsuits not withstanding; however, once a pilot jumps into his AVATAR, the AVATAR's Attributes, Toughness, Pace, and other stats replace the pilot's stats, though a pilot's skills are directly transfered over. An AVATAR has a damage chart somewhat similar to a Battletech mech, or for those of you that play Warmachine, a Warjack.

An AVATAR is created by a player by purchasing "parts", which represent the component parts of an AVATAR, such as the radiator, generator, arms, legs, nexus, boosters and head. Internal components, such as the radiator, or generator, do not have damage boxes, as they are not exposed to attack. However, external parts, such as the head, nexus, thrusters, legs and arms are exposed to incoming attacks, and thusly possess damage charts. Each AVATAR part with damage boxes has systems, which are represented by special damage boxes with letters in them. If a part takes enough damage to black out all the damage boxes pertaining to a system, the system goes offline and the AVATAR takes a penalty of some sort.

    • For example, if an AVATAR's right arm loses all the boxes which represent it's hand, that arm has had it's hand destroyed/ripped away/mangled/etc, and thusly if it was carrying anything in that hand, it is disarmed.

AVATARs also possess heavy armor, similar to a tank, so all weapons that do not have the Heavy Weapon special rule half the damage rolled against them. Considering that AVATARs start at toughness 8, and possess a large number of damage boxes, this means that it is nearly impossible for conventional infantry weapons to cause significant damage, so some guy packing a handgun will probably not be able to put down an AVATAR with a single round.

Likewise, all weapons carried by an AVATAR, unless specifically noted otherwise, count as having the Heavy Weapons Rule, and in addition, any AVATAR weapon that hits a model not in AVATAR or Heavy armor doubles it's resulting damage rolls after modifiers. These rules also apply to any close combat attacks performed by an AVATAR.

As you can imagine, this is only a small chunk of the rules I've developed, and I won't bore you all with the rest of the details. I will, however, let you guys know the basics you'll need to know to make sense of things as they come along.


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